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The 2015 calendars are now available to view and order. There are 9 different themes, consisting of, Bees, , Butterflies, Classic Cars, Flora, Iris', Orchids-01,Orchid-02 and Roses. The price for this standard wall calendar is $18.50 plus $2.50 for shipping and handling (continental US). There are be some additional options offered this year.

1. On the standard wall calendar you may have up to 24 personal events for example on 10/22/15 you could put - “10th Wedding Anniversary”. There is an additional $5.00 cost for the 24 events.
2. Any of the calendars may also be ordered as a small 12 month “Desk Calendar”  this is a free standing desk version of the standard calendar. The price will be $12.50 plus 1.50 for shipping and handling (continental US). No events on this calendar.
3. Third is an 11in. x 17in. 12 month Poster Calendar. Here is the good part on this calendar you may pick any 1 or 3 images from all the images on the Paul Gray’s Gallery Facebook page. The price for this calendar will be $10.50 plus 1.50 for shipping and handling (continental US). No events on this calendar.
4. Shipping outside the continental US add $5.00.
5. Last year we had some problems with which calendar and quantity you ordered. To save time and emails as a safety precaution re-enter your choices in the notes when you check out or, email the information.
6. If you select to have personal events please also add them to the notes or email them to me. Remember, I can’t print them until I have your additional information.
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